Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Move it "out of the Basement"

It is time to make the move from the basement to the garage.  I completed as much as I could in my basement on this boat build so it is time to buy a trailer and get a bunch of guys together.

My brothers, Guy, Gary, Joey and Danny we all on hand to help.  I was also able to get many friends, Art Atkinson, Howard Barton, my nephew Travis and a couple of neighbors to give the added power.

The night before the move, my brother Guy helped me remove a section of the sun room with a couple of windows and door.  The morning of the move we removed the sliding glass doors giving me the 72" width that I needed.  The "Zip" boat's beam is 5'9".

Because I live on a lake, (Sylvan Lake, Michigan)  and we have a narrow sized lot, I did not have room between my house to bring the boat to the road.  I rolled the trailer between the neighbors homes, three houses down from mine and along the lake shore and back up to the basement.  I was able to roll the trailer into the sun room after the wall was removed.  About 8 guys lifted the boat up and turned it 90 degrees and set it on the trailer.  Then our friend Howard supplied a wheeled dolly for trailer hitch and everyone pushed the boat and trailer across three neighbor lawns and up a steep hill, over the curb and onto the road.

Yes,  I have great neighbors...they let me do the same thing when I finished building my airplane a few years ago.  You just don't see too many airplanes rolling by your picture window overlooking the lake.

Here are a few photos that we took along the way.....enjoy.

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