Friday, July 8, 2011

Bought a New Motor

I started building this "Zip" boat about 19 months ago and at that time I had found a 1962 2 stroke 40 Johnson that I had purchased on Craig's List.  I finally took it to a repair shop and after many discussions I thought I would be happier with a newer motor and a 4 stroke.  I came across a 1999 45hp Honda so I bought it and this motor will be my power source.

There were a few problems mounting it.  The first thing was the dealer, "Dropped it", Yes...there were cutting the bolts off to remove it from another boat and then install it on mine but some how..something when wrong.  Lucky for me and for them...The motor was not hurt and no one was injured.  They were using a fork lift truck to secure the chain but some how it came loose and hit the cement..  Everything appears fine other than a few more scraps and dents.

The second issue was the mounting of the bolts were directly behind my gas tank so I had to take all the mounting brackets off and remove the tank to get the bolt thru the transom.  An hour later that was done.

The last problem was the extra thickness of wood that I had epoxied inside the transom.  The mounting bolts were located near the edge so my brother Marty machine a spacer/washer out of solid piece of aluminum and that problem was solved.  My next issue will be mounting the throttle/shifter.

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