Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Cutwater

After several months, templates, telephone calls, miles of driving and a lot of hard work the Cutwater and Transom bands are done.  I think they look great. They were hand made by Jim Mathis of Algonac, Mi.  It was impossible to fit the Cutwater to the bow without Jim having the boat on site.  Jim called me on Sunday morning and asked if I could bring the boat to him and I jumped at the opportunity.  The stainless steel Cutwater was made over the winter months from my template but it just did not fit right at the top.

I arrived at Jim's home at 12:00 noon and we were not done until 10:30 pm. , no lunch / no dinner but the results are stunning.
Jim still was not satisfied and stated that it would really look good with a Fairleader on top of the Cutwater and I agree, I hope you do.
Jim Mathis used his skill to make it fit perfect.

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