Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"It's Alive" - Stepping Up - Graphics

Last night was another milestone....I connected all the electronics and turned the key after connecting the water to the motor and she fired right up.  The Honda motor ran great, idle was good and I did not notice any problems.

I did have some electrical issues.  Everything electrical is working in the boat including the new Honda RPM gauge but the lights inside the gauges and the other two gauges ( volt, and fuel quantity) do not work.  I think this may be because I had them powered through the old key switch.  So, I will need to trace the wires back.  I think that they just need a power source.  Same issue with my courtesy lights, no power.  Everything else is working.  Running lights, horn, bilge pumps, stereo, oil level and temp lights are all OK.  I think I have the wiring issue resolved in my mind..I just need to get under the dash and sort it out.  I will also need to run to the nautical department at Auto Zone to pick up a couple of special connectors.

I picked up my graphic for the sides of the boat... "Zip"......This boat was designed by Glen-L and the model is a "Zip".
I also installed my birthday and Christmas present from my wife, Lynn.  She had bought me some step pads from Tender Craft out of Canada.  I am glad that I waited until I had my seats installed. I sat in the seats, I quickly realized that if I had mounted them right in the center of the cockpit areas the step pads would have been located right were you would rest your arm.  I think they are installed in a location that will not interfere with your arm resting on the boat and you can easily step into the boat and onto the floor.  I think they really look nice.

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