Monday, July 18, 2011

Honda Throttle - Radio - Glove Box - Seat supports

It has been a busy weekend.  I have a list of more than 15 items that I would like to get done before I launch my "Zip".  I was able to complete many of the big ones.

mount extinguisher - done
make and installed seat support brackets - done  (the back of the seats were falling off the seat bottom cushions, now these brackets hold the seat backs in position).
remove trailer bunk guides - done (need to buy a different style)
install transom stainless steel trim - done
build and mount a new am/fm radio box - done ( the old location was in the way of the new throttle)
build a glove box and install - - done ( removing the radio gave me this spot to store stuff, like my phone/keys)
install trailer plate - done
install hoist cable - done
mount horn - done
secure steering wheel - done

Things to do:

Confirm my boat insurance ( I have a quote but they will not bind the insurance until they have photos,  I have sent them in 3 times but they keep saying they don't have them...the funny part is they received my application).

install interior sides (mount with Velcro)
install step pads
make final electrical connections and test electrical system

hook up water to motor and test run in driveway

pick up graphics for side of boat and then install

take boat to canvas shop on Tuesday morning to have a mooring and trailer cover made

Things to Buy:

$$  - a new set of trailer guides that are adjustable (the old set were to wide for my boat)
$$  - stern light ( the one I have is 4' tall, I need to pick up a short light)
$$  - rear view mirror
$$  - a short ratcheting strap for the transom ( I lost one when I was coming home from picking up the engine,  I have two large straps that cross each other and keep the boat centered on the trailer.  The short straps are just another safety that keep the stern pulled straight down).


Launch - this Wednesday (if no major issues show up and the boat is back from the canvas shop..if not then Friday after work...Dawn and Mike will also be in town for the weekend..Jimmy Buffet at Pine Knob on Thursday night)  Forecast = 100 degrees on Thursday.


  1. Do you have pics of where you mounted your speakers? Also how did you wire your stereo for power? I'm thinking about a zip or malahini...

  2. You have big plans for this boat of yours, huh? Good for you! At least you are enjoying this hobby. =D That’s the most important thing: to go after what makes you happy and fulfilled. By the way, were you able to confirm your boat insurance?

    Melanie Daryl

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