Monday, April 4, 2011

Trim Work and Fixing Mistakes

I started working on all the interior trim by making mahogany strips of wood 3/16' thick and then gluing and clamping them to the interior cabin (a week of work).  I was very careful to line up the bottom edges of the 3/4" wide strips but once I sanded the tops down flush with the deck, the result was horrible.  If you look at the bottom edge you can see the varying width of the trim.  The bridge has an arch/curve and once sanded to the arch, a straight line will not work.

 Plan Two:  The photo's below show the trim with the corrections made.
I made the corrections by taking a wood chisel to all the wood strip pieces and then sanding everything smooth to remove all the previous work. 

What I ended up using is mahogany edge banding that was pre-glued and activated using a hot iron (no clamps needed, just a pressure roller).  I was totally amazed how nice this banding turned out.  The seams are perfect and the edges sanded up very nice.  I was able to complete all the interior trim in a weekend.

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