Friday, April 22, 2011

Test fit the Cutwater and Transom Band

The Cutwater is a stainless steel part that fits on the bow of the boat.  It serves as a protector and adds a little jewelry to the boat.  I really like the look of a cutwater and transom band but I also thought that it could also hide any sins in my woodworking.  I am so happy with how the bow turned out that I did not need to hide anything so that's a plus.
My first step to get a cutwater and transom band made was to make templates and get them off to the welder.  I did that 3-4 weeks ago and this week I picked up the parts and test fitted them to the boat.  The welder just made tack welds for the fitting and then once we get it just right he will finish the welding and polish the stainless.  The transom band was perfect.  The cutwater was very close to being good but it did not fit just right on the left side.  I returned it to the welder ( one hour drive each way) with measurements and photos.  He is not sure of my explanation so I am trying to get him to come over and take a look at my boat before we move forward.
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