Friday, April 22, 2011

Epoxy Issue Resolved

Well, I was able to overcome my mistake with the last batch of epoxy mix.  It took almost a week (not all work) to get back on track but I am now moving forward once again.  I ended up taking a putty knife and a heat gun to remove the bulk of un-hardened epoxy.  Then I used Acetone to wipe of the remainder while constantly changing out my rags.  Then I took a green scotch pad to scuff up the surface again to hold the bond and get rid of any shinny spots.  Then I was ready for the next batch of epoxy.

In both of these photos you can see my good epoxy applied.  I ended up changing both of the epoxy pumps and the ratio of epoxy resin/hardener came out perfect.
The epoxy surface will not be smooth and level until I build it up with one or two more applications with sanding in between each coat.  This will get rid of any of the orange peel look.  It is great to get a glimpse of the wood grain with only one coat epoxy.
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