Monday, March 14, 2011

King Plank & Cutwater

This week I had the chance to calculate the board widths that will be placed between the outside cover boards.  The main board the runs down the center length of the boat is called the "King Plank" and measures 5 5/8" wide.  On each side of the King Plank I will place strips of Mahogany that measure 2 1/8" wide by 5/16" thick with white caulking filled in the 3/16" wide gaps.

The King Plank is glued down with MAS Epoxy mixed with Cell-u-loose thickener.  The washers are used to clamp the planks down to the sub deck.  The green tape was used to protect the outside cover boards from dripping epoxy while I was working on the King Plank.  Also, the green tape really shows the cover board shape.  It took several days of trimming and sanding to get the outside cover board to get the shape correct.  I also used a router in some areas to round over the outside edge.  I hand sanded a lot of the outside edge because the side of the boat falls away from the router bit and then I had no place for the guide bearing to rest on.  I am very happy with the look.
The above photo is my template for the stainless steel cutwater with lower photo of the transom band.  The templates do not show the width or shape of the cutwater and transom bands but they will give the welder good idea for the boat shape.  On Saturday I took the templates to a wood boat restoration guy down by Lake St. Clair and his buddy will tack weld me up the pieces I need so I can test fit them. 


  1. Your boat is looking great. I was wondering how you intend to attach your cutwater once it is complete? Thanks

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