Monday, March 7, 2011

Epoxy and Clamping Cover Boards

After fitting and sanding the inside curve of the outside cover boards that surround the entire boarder of the deck it is now time to epoxy/glue and clamp them into position.  I had to use a lot of clamps because I wanted to use a limited number of screws to hold the boards down.  The screws that I did use will be removed so I can countersink them.  I will reinstall with bronze silicon screws and cover the holes with wood plugs.

Clamping the boards down was a real challenge.  I was very lucky to be building in my basement because I have a finished wood ceiling and was able to make good use of it.  The problem that I had was in the placement of 3rd hand clamps and 2x4 braces.  The first problem that I had was that the ceiling lights were directly above the boat.  The lights were in the way making the braces clamp because they pushed from an angle vs. straight down and the second issue was the length of the 3rd hand poles.  The 3rd hand poles were about 2" to long.  The problem caused the braces to slip and once I had one brace in position another one would get loose and fall.  I was by myself during this clamping operation.  This was one time that I wished I had a helper.  One thing that I would do differently next time is not glue up too much at one time.  I mixed and spread more epoxy than I should have and I was just not prepared for that much clamping.

The next day it was time to do another area and I learned my lesson and only clamped and epoxy/glued one board.  Things went very smooth and my brother Dan stopped by to lend a hand for 20 min. to help hold things in position.

I have one more outside cover board to be glued down and the boarder will be in its place.  Next will be to layout and fit the King plank that will run down the center deck the entire length of the boat.

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  1. Looks great Ted,

    I have never seen clamps like that before.