Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trip to Armstrong Millworks

Well it was time to go to Armstrong Millworks in Milford, Michigan and select the African Mahogany for the decking on the boat.  Good friend and Squirt Builder Art Atkinson volunteered to tag along and help me with selecting some great boards.

When Art was ready to re-saw his wood for the deck on his squirt he used his shop bandsaw to resaw his wood and he said that although his bandsaw did a good job, it was a painfully long task. I have basically the same bandsaw so I selected the easy way out and asked the guys at Armstrong's to resaw and sand the boards to the 5/16th thickness that I needed. Looking back, this was a great decision. The boards turned out great and now they are almost ready for installation. I will still need to run the edge on the jointer so I have one straight edge and then rip the boards to the correct width. Bottom line: Armstrong Millworks is highly recommended by me and others. I have been getting my wood supplies from them for years and they have always been great people to work with.

Dennis Armstrong

Adam is planning the rough wood
Adam and Dennis are resawing the 16' X 10" Mahogany
Art Atkinson lending a hand with the sanding
Ted Gauthier happy with wood grain

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