Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vistor and Boat Builder

Yesterday, I had a fellow co-worker/friend/Squirt Boat builder stop by to try out his antique boat motor. Art Atkinson is building a squirt (doing a wonderful job) and purchased a motor for his Squirt over the winter. He did have an opportunity to run it in a bucket but that is not the same as taking it out for a spin around the lake. Art, hooked it up to my fishing boat and put it to the test. I am sure that he will post more photos and information on his blog.

As far as my progress with my "Zip Boat". I have been moving at a snails pace. Life has really gotten in the way. Summer is here and the hot air air balloon is very active. I have been doing some traveling to inspect a few airplanes and my hot water tank dumped its water so I spent a day replacing that. I have had the opportunity to get some airplane flying in. Last Saturday I flew to Grosse Isle, Mi. were they had a small boat show (display of new and used boats) that was interesting. Stay tuned, I am doing a little more sanding, and some polishing on the boat and should be ready to flip in a week or two.

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