Sunday, May 16, 2010

Row Boat Seat Repair

I have spent the last several days repairing the bench seats in the row boat. This spring when I flipped the boat over after storing it elevated and upside down during the winter I found the plywood seats completely dry rot. Lucky for me, I built an airplane and still have all my tools which include rivet guns, squeezer, rivets and a good table saw. This boat has a mix of pulled rivets and hard rivets which presented a few problems taking everything apart. After three coats of exterior paint see looks like new again. When I got everything apart, I found that a couple of the support brackets were tore apart and there was nothing holding them in place. I fabricated new supports and riveted them in position and now it is stronger than ever.

Looks like it is time for me to put my 10 hp motor on her and do some fishing. I know I have another boat to finish, but that is also a Hobie so they will have to take turns.

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