Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fiberglassing and Epoxy Resin

What a great weekend to be with my brothers, well almost all of them. Gary and Joey spent their Saturday and Sunday helping with my project which is quickly becoming their project because they seem to be here anytime when I need an extra hand.
When you are fiberglassing you need as many hands as you can get so when my brother Dan stopped by to take a look we also put him to work for a few hours on Saturday. My youngest brother Marty did not come by but I did have a chance to have breakfast with him on Sunday morning before I took my airplane out to burn holes in the sky for an hour and a half. My oldest brother Guy lives in Texas so he has an excuse not to be here helping but he is always there to give me some good advice and put his two cents worth in on the phone or email.

I started last week by applying two coats of MAS epoxy resin and sanding and washing between coats. Saturday we sanded and washed the boat then fiberglassed using 6 oz fiberglass cloth. One guy mixed epoxy and two guys spread it out. On Sunday, Gary and Joey came over and we applied another two coats of epoxy. After it dries (about 24 hrs), the sanding begins. I will sand to a smooth surface, trying not to get down into the fiberglass cloth. Then I will put one or two final thin coats on before we can begin painting the bottom. I have ordered the paint and primer and that should arrive next week.

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