Sunday, March 21, 2010

Building a Cradle

I had some spare time in the build process because I am waiting a week for the epoxy to fully cure before I paint the bottom of the boat. The timing was perfect to build a cradle which will hold the boat. I will need this cradle to stabilize the boat after it is flipped to the up position which will be done after painting. I am glad that I decided to build it before the paint was on because the epoxy is tuff and can withstand more abuse from the lumber than the paint.

All it took were (5) five 2" X 6" X 8' boards and a small piece of carpeting. This was all fastened together with with 3 and 4 inch drywall screws and staples. I was very happy to see how it turned out and it meet all my goals. It was cheap to build, level, solid and low to ground. I wanted it low to the ground because I know that I will be climbing in and out of it during the build.

Next weekend I will tape off the bottom of the boat and apply two coats of primer and one coat of color. It is getting exciting now.

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