Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's a Boat Party

Yes, people can tell it is a going to be a Boat and not an Airplane !

Today we had a build party and finished up with the sheers. We epoxied the strips of 5/8" thick Mahogany together for the last sheer. It was fit into position, screwed and clamped. My brother Gary was amazed how many clamps we used (52) and we still could have used more. My Brothers, Gary, and Joey came over along with my nephew Travis which made the job of gluing everthing up a simple task. When I clamped up one of the Chines, I was all by myself and not only was it a tough job but it took three times as long. (left to right...Ted, Gary, Joey)

Ted, Joey, Gary & Travis Gauthier


I call it the bones of the boat because it is the main structure. Well not all the structuce because there is certainly more to do once we flip this thing over but for now we are done building the framework. I am very happy with the all the joints and my epoxy work. Next job in order will be to begin the fairing. Fairing is when you bevel all the pieces to make a smooth transition around the bottom of the boat giving the planking a solid resting surface.

I have attached some photos of my crew and our progress so far.

The Breasthook / Sheer attach point.

The Sheer clamped into positon.

The Sheer / Transom intersection

A closer look at the intersection joint.

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