Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chines - Sheers and Limbers

The Chines are now epoxied into position. They were a real chore. Having two 3/8" pieces for each chine I needed to epoxy them together and I found that it was easy to do with them clamped in position on the frame. I just separated the two pieces and used a foam roller with epoxy resin and squeezed the roller between them, then clamped as I went along. The following day my brother's Gary and Joey came over and we cut the chines to fit the stem and transom and then epoxied both chines into position.

The sheer bending went great. Soaking the strips in the PVC tube for 48 hrs and then wrapping them with hot towels really worked well. I am limited for space because I am building in my basement so the plan was to bend one sheer (two pieces of 5/8") and clamp for a day. Then dry for a day. Then I removed the bent wood sheer and flipped it over and clamped it to the other side where space was limited. Then I bent the next sheer using the same plan, soak in water for 48 hours and using hot towels....All went well. The best thing that I did was to make a clamping block for the breast hook. This gave me something for the pipe clamp to clamp on.

Limbers are just drain holes in the bottom of the boat that allows the water to move aft and find its way to the drain plug. I used my router with a fence attach to make the limbers in the rear battens. I did not put any limbers in the Keel because I was not sure if that would make that area weak. I will need to do some research to find out what others are doing. If I leave the keel separating the limbers then I will need to install two drain plugs, one on each side of the keel.
What's next?
I will need to epoxy the sheer pieces together and fit to the notches in the frame. Then cut and fit the sheer to the breast hook and transom, epoxy and screw it all together.

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