Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Making the Transom

Well, making the transom has been a real learning experience. My brother Gary has been coming over several nights a week and giving me a hand. We have had some challenges through out this build. We needed to wrap our brains around how we would cut the 12-degree angle along the bottom and the 10-degree cuts on both sides of the transom. We figured out 3 different ways do this but finally decided on building a jig. I drew the angle for the floor (bottom of the boat/transom) on the transom. Then I placed the Mahogany frame on this line. I then screwed another straight board on this floor line (the white board). The white board is the angled cut for the floor line. I then set up the temporary fence with the saw blade set at 12 degrees and touching the wood fence bottom. We pushed the transom thru the blade, a perfect cut we had for that side. We then flipped everything over and cut the other side. Same, plan was done for both sides of the transom.

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