Friday, November 13, 2009

First Really Big Mistake

I have made several mistakes in this build but I have been able to overcome them without too much problem. When I talk to airplane builders, I always tell them the difference between good craftsmanship and poor is how well you can recover from your mistakes. Well I needed to take my own advice.

I was in a rush to build my transom, which I did by planning for a "short shaft motor". A short shaft motor transom is 15 inches high. Well, last week I bought an outboard motor for my Zip project and it is a "long shaft motor". Well, a long shaft motor transom is 20 inches high. No recovery from this one. I needed to build a new transom and with the price of 3/4 " marine plywood, that was hard to take.
Off to Public Lumber I went and returned with another sheet of Mahogany Plywood. Gary came back over last night and in one evening we built another transom. The first transom was good but the second one is really nice..... We are getting good at cutting angles.

Notice the center of each transom. The new transom has a taller motor board mount.

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