Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interior Structure lay out

Well, it has been sometime since my last post and I am sorry about that.  I have been very busy with life, the house, my airplane and just very busy at the fire department.  I have been working on the boat at least 2-3 times a week and even though it does not look like it in the photos, I have accomplished a lot of work on my boat.  In earlier pictures that I had posted, most of the interior structure was cut and fit into position and was held in position with either clamps or screws.Now, all the battens and motor well/splash well, bridge and passenger compartments and permanently glued/epoxied and screwed into position.  

The fuel tank is now in position. Building the motor well and doing the layout of both passenger compartments were a big job.  The real truth was that it just took a lot of thought and measuring. 

I also decided to put in two drain holes with the brass plugs on the outside of the transom.  I will have two bilge pumps but if I ever park the boat outside without the battery, I will have an option to drain some water.  The other to drain holes do not have a plug and remain open to let the splash water drain out.  I also put a couple of side holes into the well so the bilge can pump into the well so the water will flow out by gravity.

Next, I will be to build a battery mount, control mounts and the seat boxes but before I do all that, I will need to finish the floor in the rear passenger compartment.  All the other flooring is done and fitted, I just removed it for now so I have room to work with spilling epoxy on it.

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