Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Broken Chine Log

Wood Steamer Step-up with PVC pipe and a turkey heater.

It was time to bend wood. I was fortunate enough to borrow fellow Zip builder Greg Mazurek's steamer to bend my "Chine". I researched this and thought I had a good grasp on how to do this because so many builders before me have had a problem making this bend.Well, I did it......Welcome to the club... I snapped the "chine log" into two pieces. This is a 16 foot piece of Mahogany that is 2" x 3/4". I put the piece of wood in the steamer for about 2 hours and proceeded to fit it to the frame. After building an airplane, kayak and hot air balloon all I could do is smile, giggle and say to myself, welcome back to homebuilding. In a funny way, I proved to myself that I still have the patience for building.

I understand why others want to give up when they have such a setback. I just look at it as a challenge to solve and that is what interests me.

I keep saying, "remember the journey" and move on. If your good at hide n seek (looking for a tool you know that you just had in your hand a few minutes ago), you stay organized, follow through and keep moving forward, do something everyday (even if it is just reading or research), have patience, then you are a builder and will complete your goal.
So I am still feeling good about practicing what I preach.

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